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About the violin

Looking after your violin

The Violin is a delicate instrument that will need some love and care!

Q. How do I tune my violin?

A. Tuning the violin is one of the most important aspects of the violin; however as a beginner it won’t be something you will be able to do yourself. It is better to leave attempting to tune the violin, as it is very easy to turn the tuning pegs too hard and snap one of the strings. Leave this to me when you come to the lessons.

Q. How do I clean my violin?

A. It is important to polish the violin every few months. You can use violin polish or furniture polish- rubbing this in with a soft cloth or duster.

Q. How do I use rosin?

A. Rosin is usually supplied with your violin when you purchase it. It is essential to apply rosin to the bow hairs every few days to ensure the violin makes a quality sound. The rosin should be applied to the bow hairs using a firm rubbing motion.

Q. What should I do if I break a string?

A. You will need to purchase a replacement string from a music shop who will fit it for you or alternatively I will happily fit it for you during your lesson. Please note there are several brands of string which vary considerably in price and quality. In addition, the lower the pitch of the string, the higher the price.

If you have any other questions regarding caring for your violin please ask when you come to your first lesson.